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How White Kidney Beans Melts Fat

How White Kidney Beans Melts Fat

There are several products formulated for weight loss and white kidney bean extra is one of such products. This product is derived from a 100% natural source and this makes it one of the best for anyone that desires to lose weight quickly and effectively.  Studies about white kidney beans and weight loss are in advanced stage already and have shown this unique natural product to be effective for those who want to get rid of the unwanted fat.  The product can melt that unwanted fat on you fast and it will never lead to any unwanted side effect, which is one of the factors that make it a unique product for weight loss. In this write-up, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the effects of this unique natural product and how it works.

Does white kidney bean extract work?

As stated earlier, myriads of scientific studies have been conducted about how effective white kidney beans are for weight loss and the product has proved to be reliable.  It is a proven product for weight loss.

get rid of the unwanted fat

Individuals with obesity were given 15 mg of phaseolamin two times in a day for two months; that is, eight weeks.  These individuals lost an average of 3.74 pounds of fat. Those who were given the placebo could only lose an average of 1 pound of fat within the same period.  What is more, none of the individuals involved in the study ever experienced any side effect.

White kidney bean is rich in proteins, one of them being phaseolamin. Phaseolamin is the protein responsible for the weight loss effect of the product. How does phaseolamin burn fat? It inhibits the activities of alpha-amylase, which is the enzyme in the saliva and stomach responsible for the breakdown of carbohydrate, one of the main sources of fat in the body. Prevention of carbohydrate breakdown can prevent the formation of unwanted fat in the body.

The appropriate dose

The link between white kidney beans and weight loss is possible, but depends largely on the amount of white kidney beans that you take. A 2011 study revealed that you can get the desired result by taking between 445 mg and 3000 mg of the product on a daily basis. The extract is available in the form of pills and can be taken orally without the fear of any side effect whatsoever. It works fast and will help you get rid of that unwanted fat without exercise or rigorous workout.

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