Considerations for a Commercial Laundry Business

Considerations for a Commercial Laundry Business

Electrolux If you are currently looking to set up an owner or Operator Company then you almost cannot go wrong if you choose to prepare a commercial laundry company; it might be that you choose a coin operated launderette, or you begin at the next level using a laundry and ironing store, or a complete service commercial laundry. It tends to be a Recession proof business, as bed linen is still needed by resorts employees and daily want work wear and uniforms. Let us look few suggestions of when you are setting your company up. If you are running a service where people will drop off laundry for ironing and cleaning, in addition to dry cleaning you will require a place where there is tons of parking nearby. Being close to a traffic place that is footfall is a plus. If you are operating a commercial laundry service you can be out of town as you will be collecting and bringing to and from clients.

Services – You will need to speak with your proposed gas, water and electrical suppliers to make certain they can supply adequate services to your premises without the need for cost to upgrade the services that can be quite costly if you will need a bigger gas distribution fitting for instance. You will have to consider space for a water storage tank to provide your washing machines, and you need to check this with your commercial laundry equipment provider. You might want to find space for a 300 to 500 gallon tank although this is. You will also need to check as to if some of the commercial laundry equipment requires an electricity supply.

When it comes to Equipment recall to allow space for machines for growth a laundry may include 6 to 8 washing machines and 6 to 8 tumble dryers. Electrolux W5130H machines will change based upon your through put and you should consult to make certain you buy the laundry machines to your loads. You will need Space for ironing machines and hydro extractors. The hydro extractors are used to remove water and may be capable of doing that garments can go straight to the process. You will want a Place to store finished goods, in addition to an area to store goods. The above are the Minimum points you will need to look at when setting up your laundry, but if not sure about anything check with your laundry equipment provider.

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