Why DUI Attorneys Should Limit Media Visibility

Why DUI Attorneys Should Limit Media Visibility

While the legal system is ideally meant to be as impartial as possible, and you can see this from the figurehead of the justice system which is a woman that has been blindfolded and has a weighing scale in her hands, the truth can be quite different from reality. All cases are meant to be conducted impartially, but in spite of the fact that this is the case there are all kinds of things that could make the case go against you regardless of how innocent or guilty you might actually be.

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One thing that can impact your case is the media. If your story gets to the press, this is going to make it quite difficult for your DUI attorney to get you off the cook. You should decide who to hire for a DUI charge in Tampa based on their ability to control the media circus that can form around these kinds of cases. Judges can be impacted by this to a certain extent, but the truly dangerous aspect of this sort of thing comes when the jurors are made privy to the media reports.

Jurors are susceptible to manipulation. This is part of the reason why our system is so imperfect and so desperately needs to be changed. If you feel like your DUI attorney is not capable of helping you in the way that you need them to, you need to change them right away. One of the first questions that you should ask your DUI attorney would be how they might end up handling a situation where the media comes to court and tries to influence the decision that is about to be made and base your decision on their answer.

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