What is the Artificial Grass and How to Pick the Best of the Lot

What is the Artificial Grass and How to Pick the Best of the Lot

How Your Synthetic Grass is Perfectly Safe

Do you think artificial grass looks unrealistic or tacky? The artificial turf grass has come a long way from looking ‘somewhat’ similar to grass to ‘you can’t identify if it’s fake’. This is all possible due to advancement in technology and substantial research. They are made from white plastic pellets with green pellets added for colour and chemical additives and stabilizers. These three ingredients are melted at high temperatures on steel plates with holes on it. These strands, exiting through the steel holes, are made to exit through water to cool and solidify them. These strands are then stretched on rollers till they become as thin as grass. These strengthened synthetic strands are rolled up to form a synthetic yarn. This yarn is meshed on to synthetic sheeting and the back of the sheet is bound to keep the grass in place. That’s how we get a turf of safe synthetic grass. This is also a much simpler process compared to waiting for the grass to grow. The stores have more artificial grass for sale posters in summer as many people are looking to replace their dead grass. They are easy to clean and maintain, if installed outside and there is a downpour, the water does not get clogged inside and they allow for easy drainage of water which is made sure when fixing the artificial grass. It is also made rodent proof; so that rats don’t make a meal out of it.

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Guide for Purchasing Artificial Grass

After understanding how the grass is made, we must also know that there are various types of artificial turf grasses available in the market. These are flame retardant, UV protected, and the manufacturer has being given the ISO 9001 quality standard mark to keep the quality in check. The artificial turf market has seen a significant growth because of its use in landscaping. According to a study conducted by Future Market Insights in 2017, the Contact sports accounts for 61.6% of the total artificial turf market and with robust growth in market share for landscaping every year. Due to the rise in its utilization, the artificial grass is readily available in home decoration and furnishing stores across countries. Due to recent shelving of these items in numerous stores, they have artificial grass for sale posters to make the customers aware of the increased product line in their store. Given the heights it’s reaching, it’s amusing to know that the first artificial turf grass was used in Houston Astrodome for the Major League Baseball in 1996.

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