Genius Gift Ideas that Never Require Leaving the House and Save You Money

Genius Gift Ideas that Never Require Leaving the House and Save You Money

The holidays are stressful enough, you shouldn’t have the added stresses of fighting crowds at the mall and mega stores to do your shopping. Here are a few gift ideas we’ve come up with that will save you the trouble of going out and also probably a little bit of money as well.

  • Flowers

WIth the array of online flower shops nowadays, you can find some of the most beautiful custom made fresh bouquets and have them delivered directly to your ladies door or office. There are even a lot of coupons and promo codes online to help you save some money. If you want to take care of a few gifts at once, you could order them all at the same time and schedule delivery whenever you want. Delivery flower services are changing the flower industry in a huge way.

  • Chocolate Dipped Berries

Shari’s Berries are fresh, chocolate dipped berries that they rush deliver straight to you. For the romantic couples out there, plan a fancy dinner for two, cook together, share some wine, and end it with some intimate dipped berries and a movie in front of the fire. You can easily find promo codes or other discounts for Shari’s with a short internet search.


  • Food

There are many services now that will deliver semi prepared meals, pre measured, that only require cooking. The send everything you need for the entire dish and include detailed instructions how to prepare it. Even people that aren’t great at cooking can do it. Another option for delivery food is from Omaha Steaks. The offer some of the best choices and cuts of meats, packaged frozen and sent wherever you want. They are always priced great, but during the holidays, Omaha offers extra sales and deals on their variety pack.

  • New Clothes

It sounds crazy, but it’s almost 2018 so you can get anything delivered now. There are special companies that you sign up for a “subscription” and they will send you a couple new outfits each month. This saves time for whoever you give it to and they always have deals because there is no middleman. All you have to do is select sizes and your general style/needs and they basically dress you. You can also just buy them clothes or shoes online, and have them delivered.

  • Travel Vouchers

One of the best things about holiday season are all of the sales and bargains. Take advantage of all the online promos for holiday travel and buy vouchers. Gift them to people who can put them to use at a later date when the airfares aren’t as high. Careful when you buy vouchers that they don’t have restrictions or blackout dates.

  • Gaming Subscriptions

For any of the younger people out there who play video games, they usually have to pay in order to access the online network. You can buy a card that has three, six, or twelve months worth of access and get it mailed to their house. You can also just get their account information and sign them up for whatever package you like instantly from the internet.

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