Every detail about Satay and Otah supplier.

Every detail about Satay and Otah supplier.

If you need to know what is meant by Otah and Satay? Then they can be defined as one of the vintage and exemplary dishes of Singapore. The fleshy beef or even chicken is immersed in a mouth-watering sauce of peanut and can be ladle out along with savoury Otah fish on the fringe.

This dish is known to be an ideal one in almost every juncture such as for a picnic, lunch, dinner or can be served parties that are formal or informal don’t matter.

From where did Satay come?

Many rumors are spread all over the place that Satay is derived from the Arabic Kebab which is used in Barbeque. But some people presume that it originated from Asian methods of cooking.

What is Otah?

This is also another peppery dish of Singapore and the locals love this to a greater extent. The people who don’t love this fish are almost difficult to find. The texture, smoothness, and taste are all the factors that make this dish attractive. You can find this dish on almost all kinds of occasions like marriage, parties, gatherings, etc.

Best place to buy Satay and Otah

As the dish is loved by almost every local and in huge demand in the market there are many places you can buy this but if you want this delicious dish at your home then the best Otah and Satay supplier is All-Big frozen food PTE LTD. They provide fresh dishes at your doorstep.


This dish is a favourite of almost every citizen of Singapore and thus in great demand, if you want to order from the best then the best satay and otah supplier named All-Big can be your best choice.

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