Cryptocurrency and improving its anonymity with

Cryptocurrency and improving its anonymity with

Cryptocurrency is a new direction in the world, and its history began only ten years ago. Its effective features had won thousands of users all over the world. The anonymity of the system is a huge advantage, which can even be improved by the mixing service.

The growth of the cryptocurrency

At the moment, the crypto-currency market is sufficiently developed. You can find a variety of exchanges. There are also regularly conducted developments and improvements related to the market of cryptocurrency. Experts say that the technologies used for the system will allow the cryptocurrency to take a significant place in the financial market.

At the same time, no one can talk about the exact future of the crypto-currencies. The blockchain of the cryptocurrency, that is used to obtain bitcoin, is in the great value today. The same is with the variety of systems for storing electronic currency and ways of conducting transactions and trading on exchanges.

 crypto currencyThe market for crypto-currency is regularly updated. It becomes clear that crypto-currencies are developing at an incredible rate. In this case, only during the last year, there were almost one hundred new cryptocurrencies.

The mixing of bitcoins to improve the anonymity

One of the main advantages of the cryptocurrency is its high anonymity. Since no one controls the system, the users do it by the transparency of all transactions. Mixing coins with helps to make the tracking impossible. It works in such steps:

  • Entering the
  • Mixing the coins
  • Getting the tracking transaction.

Mixing makes the tracking impossible, so both sides of the transaction are safe.

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