Join the best school for special children

Join the best school for special children

Not all the children are same. Every children need to be taught in a special way. Especially, children with autism or with other development disabilities need to be taken under the special care so that they become like a normal children over the period of time. This special children need to be admittedĀ  in a special school especially dedicated for the children like them, where they will be taught in different way so that they can join the mainstream soon. Ministry of Singapore accepts this fact and has approved ABC early preps school for those children. With the help of available online source, there is chance for children to get knowledge from here.eipic school Singapore

In fact, it is the only school that has been approved by global autism center approved to be eipic school Singapore. It is dedicated for the children between the age group 3 and 6 and has been advised by the pediatricians for early intervention. Their main aim is to prepare the kids for the primary education in mainstream either in Singapore or overseas.

Each class will have only four to eight children which allow the teacher to focus on the individual needs of each child and allows them to focus on their requirement. Curriculum of the school follows kinder garden learning in Singapore which focuses on communication, cognitive and perception skills. Children can be admitted in any of the batches like every day of the week that is from Monday to Friday.

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